Let’s go wild!

This is just a reminder that tomorrow afternoon is our Y3/4 Wild Adventure afternoon.  You are invited to join us in sharing our learning from 2-3pm in the hall to create paintings, moving animals, animations and much more!

The children are invited to wear animal costumes or clothes that are the colour of an animal.  These costumes need to be in a named bag for them to change into at lunchtime.  Children who do not bring in costumes will still be able to wear their mask that we’ve made in class. 

A plea for carboard!

Next week we are starting our Christmas Adventure Story Learning Journey.  At the end of this, we want each child to produce a book which is covered (with festive bells!) with card.  For this, we need cardboard to cover.  If you have a cereal box, please could you bring it in next week for us to use?  It would be great if you had a couple but please don’t bring in more than that – we’ll be overrun!

Project ’89


Project '89

We’ve had a great day supporting Project ’89. We’ve made paper jewellery and finished by buying delicious cakes. Thanks to all of the children who worked so hard to organise it and to everyone who created great cakes and costumes!

Anti-bullying week homework

National Anti-Bullying Week 18th-22nd Nov 2013

The theme this year is:

‘The Future is Ours. Safe, Fun and Connected’


In school we are supporting this all week in assemblies and activities in class, in teams and as the whole school.

 For homework this week we would like you to talk to you child about being kind, everybody being unique and respecting others.  Your child then needs to produce something creative, of their choice, to reflect their learning to promote this.

Ideas could include be a poster, a song, a dance, badges, bands, a short movie, a jingle, a play, a piece of music….the list is endless. It is an opportunity for the children to be as creative as possible and to choose something that interests them.  The anti-bullying week website has lots of ideas, short films and children’s work to inspire them. www.antibullyingweek.co.uk/

We will be displaying and sharing their work as part of our celebration of zero tolerance regarding this matter and our positive school ethos.

How frustrating!

Today we have really developed our resilience skills by making paper beads in preparation for our Project ’89 day on Friday.  It was very fiddly!

Some of the comments we heard were:

This is too hard!

I can’t do it.

I don’t want to do this any more.

This is challenging me.

This is frustrating…………………………….


However, by the end, we heard more of:

I feel proud

Just like they say, practise makes perfect

I changed the way I did it and I achieved it!

I can’t believe I did it.

I could use the triangles well.

I found the rectangles easier.


How did you feel?

Resourceful and organised


We had to design something which would help our creature across the water.  We all had to think about what each member of the group should do and what resources to use.  Amelia, Josh, Aimee, Chloe and Josh thought about how to ensure their model was waterproof and was strong enough to hold the creature.