Both Y3 classes now have children who are in charge of posting our blogs. If you have anything you think should be added to the blogs, make sure you let them know. You can email us from home if you want to tell us directly. Send it to either or and we’ll forward ideas to the bloggers.

Marvellous Maths!

I’ve been busy looking at how you are all getting on with the SumDog website and would like to congratulate Callum-Lee on scoring the most points so far-over 1000! Ruth, you have done really well at keeping it up and were the last person to visit the site, achieving a near-perfect score!

Well done Y3!

Let’s get creative!

To begin our Geography Learning Journey, we are exploring lots of different aspects of life in India. One of the craft experiences will be ‘henna’ painting on hands. For this, we will be using brown face paint. If you do not wish for your child to have their hands painted, please let us know!
This will be on Monday 28th April.
If you have anything interesting that you would like to bring it and share, then feel free!

Literacy Homework


We have been reading the BFG in class and have looked at imaginary words which Roald Dahl has used within it.  We have looked at what they could mean and how we can use the spelling pattern to give us clues about the definition.  Some of you noticed that parts of the words reminded you of other words and some noticed that the happier words and lots of vowels in.  Can you come up with 2 imaginary words of your own?  Think about what you want it to mean.  Label it with how you decided on the spelling, including any existing words you’ve used and the effect you want to create for the reader.



Staying safe online

Staying safe online – really important news.

 In order to stay safe, we need you to know how to stay safe when you are online. You need to know what to do if someone you don’t know tries to message you or if someone puts words or pictures that are rude online.

In the last few days, some children have been receiving horrible messages on games like Movie Star Planet – not in our school but in other schools in the country. These are often sent by children pretending to be adults.

Remember these simple steps to stay safe:

  1. Check the websites/games you are on with a trusted adult
  2. Always tell a trusted adult straight away if something online upsets, worries or frightens you. You can always talk to your teacher if you are unsure.
  3. Save any messages that have upset you so you can share them with a trusted adult. You haven’t done anything wrong and it is really important an adult sees them.

If you would like any more information visit

Creative Calligrams

We have been using to create Calligrams with powerful words. We’ve chosen weather as our subject but you could have lots of fun making your own shapes using any words you want. Our Literacy focus has been on making better word choices, similes and imagery. I wonder whether any of you can create your own at home to add to the blog?