Welcome to year 3!

Welcome to the Year 3 blog!

On this site you will find useful information to support you at home. This will include:

  • updates about current learning in class,
  • links to support development of key skills, for example multiplication facts and key words.
  • homework
  • visits and experiences.

We would like to encourage all children (and parents too!) to comment on the blog- we want to know what you have enjoyed about your learning.

Enjoy learning!


Mrs South, Mrs Jepson and Miss Jenkins

Homework – 26.6.14

Next week we will be looking at fractions and you will need to be using your mental maths skills for multiplication and division.  In order to help you do this, please practise the next set of multiplication facts with the inverse division facts.  The order you need to learn them in is: 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 7.  Check that you are able to recall each set and then learn the next set.

Think about the facts you can give for each. e.g. 5 x 4 = 20 so that means there are 4 5s in 20, 20 divided by 5 is 4 etc.

In our literacy, we will be writing short jingles to broadcast on the school radio.  We will be persuading people to buy our fruit products.  Using the fruit language you developed for your homework, can you have a go at reading aloud a short piece on why people might want to buy your fruit.  Focus on your expression and reading clearly so that when you have your turn on the radio, the audience can hear your voice really well.  We will be verbally sharing these in class. 

Team spirit!

A huge well done to everyone who took part in Sports Day this week.  The sun shone and team spirit was everywhere!  We couldn’t have done it without the parents either so thanks to those who helped out and our brilliant spectators.

Homework 19th June


Next week, we are beginning to work on adverts to sell a product.  As our art is based around fruit, we have decided to use our adverts to persuade people to eat more fruit.  For your homework, can you choose your favourite fruit and think about how you could decide how to persuade someone to buy it?  Think about the powerful adjectives or similes you could use.  How could you make someone’s mouth water?


In our data handling, we found out how many portions of different cakes we needed to buy so that everyone could have their favourite.  Imagine that you are making a fruit salad for your family.  How much of each different fruit would you put in it?  Think about what information you need to collect.  For example, you might allow people to vote for 4 fruits each.  Can you use the information to design a fruit salad?  Think about which fruits you would include and why you would have more of certain fruits.

Ben’s message

I just wanted to make sure everyone gets the message from Ben that he posted on our blog. As you know, Ben moved a while ago and he wanted to say hello to everyone and to let you know that he misses you. How lively to hear from him. Hope you’re enjoying your new school Ben-let us know how it’s going!

An excellent extract

Today we have been looking at writing an event from a story in detail.  We used a treasure chest to think about what we would do if we came across it.  Here is Max’s outstanding piece of writing…………..

I started creeping into the mysterious cave.   I passed lots of bright yellow and gloomy black police tape, counting about 5 DO NOT ENTER signs!

As I put my first step into the dusty mist, a quick and horrible chill ran down my spine and desperate screams echoed around me.  All of a sudden, a light flickered in the distance.  I stepped back but tripped over a rock.  My leg was badly injured but I was like a moth and a fire; I had to check out that flash…………………..

What a cliff-hanger!

Mrs Rontree came in to visit us and showed us lots of equipment and then gave us some special liquid to check how well we cleaned our teeth.  Some people did very well but some of us need to make sure we brush carefully!

Mrs Rontree came in to visit us and showed us lots of equipment and then gave us some special liquid to check how well we cleaned our teeth. Some people did very well but some of us need to make sure we brush carefully!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1


Homework 12.6.14



We have revisited our speech skills this week and looked at what sort of characters might be in fantasy settings.  Can you write a conversation between 2 fantasy characters?  They could be aliens, monsters, wizards, animals…the list is endless!  Use you speech punctuation skills to write a short extract of conversation.

-Speech marks around the spoken word.

-Punctuation to close speech – ,?!.

-Start a new line when a different person starts speaking.

-Choose powerful reporting verbs (not said!)


We have been looking at tessellating patterns and how the shapes must fit exactly together.  For your homework, visit this website:


 You can create tessellating patterns but must think about how they fit exactly together.  Try to use colour to create a pattern.  If you use a tablet, then you could screen shot your work and email it to me.

A message home!

Two children in school have written their own entry for the blog so that they can share their learning with their Dad, who is currently posted abroad.  What a lovely way to keep in touch.  Don’t forget you can also put photos on here so if there is anything about school life that you would like to share, let us know!

This week in year 3 we have been learning about skeletons, bodies and we have also been researching about arm bones and hand bones in  science.

My most favourite part in science is when you use a paint brush to dig up plastic bones to make a skeleton figure.

In maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction. I think addition and subtraction is a challenge to me because when I’m doing subtraction I end up getting confused with either doing subtraction or addition  and I think addition is another challenge because I get muddled up with multiplication and addition. However, maths is still fun.


By Adam and Rhys