Plants. Our on-going Science Learning

Over the next academic year we will be studying plants as an on-going science learning journey. We will be observing how plants grow, planting our own seeds and bulbs to decorate the school grounds and photographing seasonal changes that we see.

This week we gathered ideas about what we already knew and then we photographed the tree outside of our classroom. We are going to take the same picture once a month in order to observe how the tree changes throughout the year. We will be keeping a record of our observations in our special science journals. We think that the pictures will be very interesting.

We have already noticed that some of the leaves are changing colour and that some of the leaves are falling.


Performing Poetry

We have been learning a range of poems each week as part of our guided reading activities. This week we practised reading the poems out loud and using actions to accompany them. We also tried hard to read with expression, confidence and fluency.

poetry poetry 2

Can you find any 2 syllable verbs?

This week we are looking at how to add the ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ suffix to 2 syllable verbs which don’t end in e. We’ve found begin, prefer, limit, garden, forget and gallop.
We noticed that when you stress the first syllable, you don’t double the final consonant but if you stress the second syllable, you have to double the final consonant before adding the suffix.
Can you think of any other 2 syllable verbs which don’t end in e?

Wildlife Adventure

We enjoyed using the school grounds and wildlife area to compare two locations, using what we already know about rainforests and our visit to the tropical house, and making comparisons with woods in England. We then went back to the classroom and demonstrated our creativity by making models to enhance our learning.

wildlife area rainforest model layers image

Flowol Control and Programming

We have been learning how to use Flowol, a control programme, where we create flowcharts of inputs to make a mimic move or work. We have been taught by Mrs South and Darren, our ICT specialist in school. This week we were writing controls for traffic lights. Some of us created a sequence for the lights before writing the flowchart on the computer.


photo 1-9