Half Term Homework

Next half term we will be starting a new and exciting learning journey based on ‘The Aztecs’. Your task is to research the Aztec if you can. Who were the Aztecs? Where did they live? How long ago did they live? How did they influence our life today?

You can present your work in any way you choose!

Have a wonderful break.

Glamorous Laftas!

Tonight, we attended the LAFTAS to showcase our amazing film work. We were very proud to have all 4 of our entries get into the final. The standard was very high and we loved watching our films on the big screen. We really entered into the spirit of things and looked very glamorous! Our final entry won and we all got on stage to collect the trophy together. What a great night!






Lots of potatoes!

Thank you!
Yesterday, two of our pupils went shopping at Morrisons to buy the ingredients for our soup. They chose a variety of vegetables to use, including exotic and local fruit. We are now looking ‘food miles’ and ‘seasonality’. A huge thanks to Morrisons for donating the vegetables.
What can you do to help reduce your food miles?

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4
Last week, we used our artistic skills to create charcoal drawings and then paintings of fruit. We looked at shadows and light and used our layering skills to give depth. We found the charcoal was very effective but also messy!

Homework 16.10.14

At the minute, we can’t access the blogs on laptops so I’m afraid this is being done on an iPad! It won’t let me add files so I’ve had to copy and paste it in here. Not very user friendly but at least you can have it now. I’m sure you’re relieved!

Homework 16.10.14
This week, we are sending home the next list of Year 4 spellings. We are not sending homework over half term so you do not need to hand your homework in until after half term if you want to have more time to practise spellings.


This week you have looked at how to correctly punctuate speech within text and how to choose powerful reporting verbs. Can you write a conversation between 2 jungle characters which shows what they would say to each other and how they would say it?

-Use speech marks (inverted commas) around the spoken words.
-Close speech with punctuation – , !?.
-Use a powerful reporting verb e.g. babbled, screeched, squawked.

Remember that you need to also include sentences to describe what the characters are doing to help the reader understand the scene.


If you are working towards Level 3
Can you work out what the missing numbers are? Show what calculation you used to find the missing number.
15 + 22 = _ – 20 21 – 6 = 2 + _ 10 + _ = 100 – 20

If you are working towards Level 4:
Can you find the missing numbers, using your column addition and exchange subtraction skills?

110 + 45 = _ – 45 200 – 125 = 17 + _ 950 + _ = 225 + 1100