Terrific Truffles

What an amazing day! A huge thanks to Mrs Gilliespie and all of our helpers who made truffles with us today. We learnt how to mix chocolate with hot cream to melt the chocolate for the ganache. We piped the ganache into cases and sealed them off with extra chocolate. The finishing touches of sprinkles ended up in our mouths as well as on the chocolates! Pop along to the Christmas Fayre tomorrow to buy them for the bargain price of £2.








Scooter training

On Tuesday 2nd December, the Lincolnshire Road Safety team will be coming into school to help us learn about how to use our scooters safely on pavements.

You’ve had a letter about this and we need your reply slips back! Don’t forget to add if you’re willing to lend your scooter to someoen who hasn’t got one.

The history of chocolate!

We were very lucky to be visited by a qualified choclatier who delivered a workshop all about the history of chocolate. She told us about the Aztecs link with chocolate and we were able to ask our expert some high quality questions. We decorated a lolly and tomorrow she is coming back for us to make our own chocolates! Very exciting times in year 3.

lolly making

The history of chocolate

We’ve had our first taste of chocolate today!

The PTA were kind enough to pay for an extra chocolate workshop so that we could look at the history of chocolate, how it’s made and the links to ‘Fair Trade’. We learned all about how the Aztecs used chocolate, though found out that there is evidence that chocolate has been around for 4000 years!

We also made links to our ‘Global view’ and looked at how we can help farmers earn a fair price for their cocoa harvest. We had a go at making chocolate lollies to get our tastebuds raring to go for truffle making tomorrow!
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photo 2

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Chocolate Making!

On Wednesday we will be making chocolates to sell at the Christmas Fair. All children will be able to purchase the chocolates that they make. If you are unable to attend the Cristmas Fair please bring in £2.00 this week and you will be able to buy your chocolates.

Many Thanks

The Year 3 Team

Delicious truffles

On Wednesday afternoon, we are working with Mrs Gillespie to make truffles to sell at the Christmas Fayre. If you have a grown up who is cleared for school, they are welcome to come along and help us!

The truffles will be on sale for £2 at the Christmas Fayre. If you are unable to come, please bring in £2 on Thursday so that you can buy your pack!