Mummifying Tutankhmun!



Today in Mrs Saville’s class, we looked at part of the mummification process by mummifying a hotdog! We examined its appearance before covering it in bicarbonate of soda to recreate the natron. We wrapped it in a bandage to hold the powder against the hotdog and make sure it doesn’t fall apart.
We’ll keep you posted on how it progresses!

500 Word Challenge

The 500 word challenge is a national competition designed to get you writing in a creative but short way.
The website allows you to look at old entries which can help to inspire you.
If any of you want to enter, please share you entries with us!

Glint of Gold


We are reaching that point in the year when Y3/4 begin to work on their production.  This year, we will be performing ‘Glint of Gold’, which is all about Tutankhamun’s tomb and how it was discovered.  Year 3 will be thinking about which dancers they will be and Y4 are auditioning within the next week.  If you want a speaking part, make sure you take a section of the script so that you can show us what great actors you all are!

Our new blog!

This is our brand new blog.  You might not notice much of a difference but it will allow us to upload much more – including videos and podcasts.

You might also have seen that Y3 and Y4 now share a blog.  We want you to see what goes on in the whole team rather than just your class.

Blogging is an important part of your understanding of using ICT so it’s great that so many of you look at it.  We look forward to more of you commenting on here!