The Children’s Festival

Some children from Y3/4 went to the Lincoln Children’s Festival today to share drama, music and poetry with an audience on the High Street. It was a very hot day but we had a great time and were very impressed with how the children adapted to a huge Baron in the middle of the stage! We worked around him without any fuss. We watched entertainers and took part in a drama workshop. What a super way to spend a beautiful day!

Awesome Artist

Over the past 2 days, Y3/4 have been working with Ruth Pigott, an artist, to create our own installation piece. We used the pieces to reflect music and can now think about how this can influence our own artwork. We learnt some amazing new skills and can’t wait to try them out ourselves.

Y3/4 Olympic Games

Well done Year 3/4, you worked incredibly hard for your Sports Day. It was great that so many of you getting bonus points for showing those positive Olympic values.

Magna Carta

Today in Year 3/4 we have been looking at the Magna Carta and some of the important people involved in its creation. We made models of King John, the barons, the Knights and other people who had an impact on the signing of the Magna Carta.

image image image image image image

Groovy Graffiti

Here are some of the beautiful pieces of light graffiti that we created yesterday. Can you spot yours?