Last day of term

Tomorrow is the last day of term! You are able to bring in a game to play in class but please remember that electronic games are not allowed. A game which uses batteries, such as ‘Operation’ is fine.

Remember that if you walk hoome on your own, you must bring in a letter giving you permission to do this. Otherwise, we will only allow you to go with an adult or wait until 3.20.

Happy holidays!


The whole school really entered into the spirit of raising money for charity by walking around the field for the whole day! We were so impressed by how they continued through hot weather and stitches to do as many laps as they could. Great team spirit!



We are chemists!

Today, Mrs Saville’s class worked with Mr Harvey to explore ‘indicators’. He showed us how to make our own indicator solution using red cabbage. We tested different liquids to find out whether they were acids or alkalines.