Chocolate rocks!

Year 3 had fun this week with chocolate rocks!

We used flake bars to represent sedimentary rocks as they have lots of layers.

We pretended we were the Earth and put lots of pressure on the chocolate and observed what happened.

Our pressure and heat changed the shape of the flake bar rocks and made them much smoother.

This is how metamorphic rocks are made deep underground.

We had lots of fun in this lesson but weren’t allowed to eat the chocolate!

Y4 swimming

Following assessments by the swimming teachers, children have been identified as either achieving or not achieving the minimum 25m. Those children who have yet to achieve this will continue swimming until February half term, at which point you will be informed of which class will be going. Children who have achieved 25m will work on life saving skills instead. Children not swimming this term will remain at school for PE.

Year 3 sent an email to a real life mountain explorer this week.

His name is William and he is a geologist studying rocks in Norway.

He sent us lots of beautiful pictures! Take a look ………………..

Water Cycle

This week, Year 3 are going to be using iMovie to create a film about the water cycle! They have already been working hard learning the scientific words to explain the cycle, such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Today they have been preparing resources for their film and beginning to create the background!

image image image image image