Year 3 have been having lots of fun in their music lessons with Mr Crouch from North Kesteven school. We have learned how to play the hand chimes and had a go at being a conductor. We even learned the chords for an Ed Sheeran song!

Wonderful creations

Lots of children entered the competition to win vouchers for the Book Fair. We had lots of super sculptures of different characters and it was very difficult to choose one winner. In the end, Charlotte won with her Faraway tree. It was nearly as tall as her!
Well done to everyone who took part!

Very tasty Science!

Today in Mrs Saville’s class, we used our Science expertise to make ice cream. We looked at the different states, how they changed and why. Most of us thought it was delicious but some of us got brain freeze!

Salty Science

In Y4 we are looking at solids, liquids and gases. We tried to separate a mixture of water, salt, sand and pebbles. We picked the pebbles out, filtered the sand and then heated the water. We were left with the salt in the pan. Can you explain what happened?