Here are Miss Jenkins’ class with their rockets that they built on Science day. We had great fun testing them to see if our designs worked!


Science Day Year 3!


We had a fantastic day in Year 3 today!

In class we designed, made and launched our own rockets. Well done to Jack in Miss Jenkins’ Class for designing a rocket that flew the furthest!

We also had some amazing entries into the Science Fair! The judges had an almost impossible decision on their hands due to the high quality of all the projects. Winners will be announced on Friday in assembly. Good Luck!


Science Day

Year 4 have been investigating rocket flight as part of our science day. None managed to make orbit, however a massive congratulations to Ellie and Amelia. Their rocket managed to clear 19m before getting stuck in a tree. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the day and those who have entered the competition have relished showcasing their work.

Y4 half term homework

Year 4 homework over half term is to complete your Science Fair ‘Flight’ project if you are entering the competition on Tuesday 23rd February. You also need to ensure that you have learnt any lines you have for the production and have thought about how to sort your costume out for 1st March deadline.

Happy half term!

Bread Bake Off!

Here are some additional photos of Year 3’s fantastic bread making on Tuesday!


Optional Holiday Activities for Year 3

Miss Rushton and Miss Jenkins have collected some activities for Year 3 pupils to do over the holidays if they would like to. These activities are useful for developing sentence work and practising your writing during the half term break. If you would like to practise your Maths skills too, we suggest visiting the Top Marks website which has fun games and activities. Have a lovely half term holiday!

different sentence types Investigating embedded clauses Vocabulary activities

Bread Bake Off!!

Yesterday Year 3 had so much fun making our own bread. The end products were fantastic and the children were really proud of their hard work!

The children mixed the ingredients, allowed the bread time to prove, added in their own ingredients to improve the flavour, shaped the bread into an attractive shape and then baked it!

Well done Year 3 for a very successful bread bake off!



Brilliant Baking

Y4 have had a great day creating our bread masterpieces! We followed our designs closely but had to adapt them when the dough didn’t behave!