Year 4 Spelling Update 4.10.17

I know that some people are struggling to access the homework link on certain devices so I have included the homework within the post below.

Unfortunately, the maths involves a  word search which cannot be copied into the post and that is why it has had to be included as an attachment.


For those who cannot access the link, please speak to Mr Forbes or Mrs Tozer to get a hard copy of the homework.

Hope this helps.

Year 4 Homework

Handed out: 4th October 2017

Spellings tested: 9th October 2017


Revise your spellings for the week and aim to use them in your discussions and writing. We have looked at homophones this week (words with the same pronunciation but different meaning).    Whilst these spellings may not seem too difficult, the focus is on using the correct word for the sentence and meaning intended.

meddle              medal               mist          missed              scene

seen                  bored                board                which       witch

Using one of each the homophones, come up with some compound sentences (2 main clauses) and underline the homophone used.



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