Year 4 spelling 11.10.17

Year 4 Homework

Handed out: 11th October 2017

Spellings tested: 16th  October 2017


Revise your spellings for the week and aim to use them in your discussions and writing. We have looked at words ending in /shun/ spelt ‘sion’. We have worked out that the root words either end in ‘de’ or ‘se’.

Last week, we put some spelling strategies for you to use on the blog. Pick one of these strategies to practise this week’s spellings.

division            invasion            decision            collision      

erosion             inclusion           explosion          confusion

television          revision    




This week, we have given you your login details for ‘Times Table Rockstars’. Login into the site by visiting:

Once on the site, input your login username and password as shown this week.

You will then have to choose a rockstar name.


Explore the site.


Visit the ‘garage’ section and have a go at the questions which pop up. How quickly can you answer this week’s tables?



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