Year 4 Homework 8th November

Year 4 Homework

Handed out: 1st November 2017

Spellings tested: 6th November 2017


Revise your spellings for the week and aim to use them in your discussions and writing. We have looked at words ending in /shun/ spelt ‘ssion’. The root words for this rule often end in ‘ss’ or ‘mit’.

Last week, we put some spelling strategies for you to use on the blog. Pick one of these strategies to practise this week’s spellings.

expression         discussion         confession         permission

admission         transmission             possession        profession

depression         impression




This week, we would like you all to visit Times Table Rock Stars and complete at least 3 rounds in the ‘Studio’ section which will work on the times tables you need to work on.


We will be checking at the end of the week how many coins each of you have earned.

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