Year 4 homework 15.11.17

Year 4 Homework

Handed out: 15th November 2017

Spellings tested: 20th November 2017


This week, we have been looking at apostrophes. We worked out that apostrophes can show possession (Ben’s disobedient dog galloped across the field chasing pigeons) and omitted letters (was not – wasn’t).

You are to read the following passage and include apostrophes where required to show possession and omitted letters.

When I arrived at my school this morning, I couldnt believe my eyes! There were only 11 boys and 8 girls in the classroom. Theyll be really bored with what I have planned, I thought. I shouldve organised something different for them to do. They wouldnt enjoy what Id set for them. Suddenly, I had a brainwave. Ill get them to write a paragraph with lots of missing apostrophes. Like the one youre reading now. Theyd love that. Theres nothing more exciting than writing a paragraph with missing apostrophe’s. WOW! Its the best thing EVER! They wont want to miss out on this! My thought was broken by the phone ringing. It was Mr. Benson. “Are you missing lots of children?” he asked?

“I am indeed – do you have any idea where they all are?” I replied.

“Well, Sarahs mum called to say she was poorly; Jakes dad said he had a bug; Lukes dad said he has the flu; Chloes mum said they had to turn the car round on the way to school as she nearly threw up and we havnt heard from James mum. There must be something going around!”.



This week, we are looking at the multiplication facts for the 6 times table. A range of questions will be tested on Monday involving multiplying and dividing by 6. Here are some questions for you to practise in preparation. Can you answer them all in 1 minute?


3 x 6                      6 x 4                      36 ÷ 6                    48 ÷ 6                 7 x 6

60 ÷ 6                    6 x 9                      5 x 6                      9 x 6                 24 ÷ 6

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