Year 4 Homework 22.11.17

Year 4 Homework

Handed out: 22nd November 2017

Tested: 27th November 2017

Spellings and grammar

This week, we have again been looking at apostrophes. We worked out that apostrophes can show possession (Ben’s disobedient dog galloped across the field chasing pigeons). We have also learned that when we are talking about something belonging to more than one noun it is known as plural possession (the boys’ coats were spread all over the floor).

You are to read the following passage and include apostrophes to show when there is singular possession and plural possession.

On Sunday, Anthony went over to Jonhs house to play basketball. They

played a game of one-on-one. At the end of the game, Anthonys score was

six, but Johns score was eight. The hoops nets were both worn out and the boys feet were both aching by the end of the game. John was the winner. After the game, the boys went inside to have some snacks and watch television. They played with Johns new puppies. The puppyies names are Fido and Parker. Fidos ears are long and floppy and he is very calm natured, whereas Parkers tail wags non-stop! The boys had a great day. Johns mum is going to ask Anthonys mum if Anthony can come over again next weekend.


You will also be tested on the 5 spellings that have been added to your envelope this week.



Times Table Rockstars time. This week we would like you all to get a ‘base score’ for the time it takes you to answer your questions. This only happens when you have visited the ‘studio’ section 10 times. Some of you are there already so you can work on improving that time!

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