Year 4 Homework 29.11.17

Year 4 Homework

Handed out: 29th November 2017

Tested: 4th December 2017


This week, we have looked at words ending with the /shun/ sound spelt ‘tion’. The words we have learned have root words ending in ‘t’ and ‘te’, although 2 of them have no root word. The words to be learned are:

invention            injection             action        mention              question

attraction           translation          devotion     position              solution

Learn your spellings for the week in preparation for next week’s test. What strategy will you pick to help you?




From looking at Times Table Rock Stars, it appears that the ‘8’ times table is an area which we need to work on as a year group. Therefore, this week we would like to you to practise the 8 times table ready for the test on Monday. This could be through visiting TTRS, answering the questions below or any other way you feel will benefit you.


8 x 2         4 x 8         8 x 4         6 x 8         10 x 8                12 x 8

8 x 5         3 x 8         11 x 8                7 x 8         1 x 8         9 x 8

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