Homework 6.12.17

Year 4 Homework

Handed out: 6th December 2017

Tested: 11th December 2017


This week, we have looked at words ending with the /shun/ sound spelt ‘cian’. We worked out the ‘cian’ is usually added to professions or careers. The words we have learned and should be practiced further are:

musician             politician            electrician           magician

mathematician     dietician             statistician          technician

Clinician             beautician


Learn your spellings for the week in preparation for next week’s test. What strategy will you pick this week to help you?



Well done to everyone who has regularly been visiting Times Table Rock Stars over the last couple of weeks. Year 4 have done fantastically well and we have started to see a real difference. We have even had some children lead the whole school in the time it takes to answer questions on TTRS.

This week, we are going to be focusing on everything ‘7’. The test next week will involve all four operations.

E.g.    7 x 4         35 – 7                42 + 7               28 ÷ 7

So make sure you focus on everything ‘7’ over the week.


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